Sashi Menon

Sashi Menon
Business Strategist,
Serial Entrepreneur,
Motivational Speaker
Author, Spiritual Guide

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Corporate Highlights

- Promoted by an established Strategic Business Consulting & Financial Investment Group.

- Have helped various businesses including family businesses grow over the years.

- Strong core team with a combined business experience of over 150 years.

- Good strong execution expertise.

-Dedicated research team.

- International Tie-ups.

- Highly networked.

Advisory Board

Advisory board of IIEMT consists of eminent  entrepreneurs and senior industry professionals who have gone through the good, bad, ugly days of entrepreneurial endeavors  and come out victorious. They support IIEMT on the direction, market trends, course structure, teaching styles, innovations and skill gaps.

Dr. Vijay Kadam:

He an established Dental Surgeon, is in many ways the person who encouraged the IIEMT concept and urged its formation the way we see it today. Besides practice, Dr. Kadam is deeply into social service. He was one of the 10 delegates to UN in the 2012 UN conference. He has been spearheading various socio-economic ventures across Maharashtra.

Prashant Phadnavis

He is the Vice President - Tata Motors, who is responsible for the the Tata automobile dealer network of India. He has vast experience across various markets and knows the nuances of business at the highest level and the lowest levels.

Suresh Khairwar:

He is a risk identification and mitigation expert, who advises various government bodies on disaster management. He is also very active in the re-insurance space.

Ananthram Iyer:

He specialises in Executive Recruitment, and supports various MNCs with right kind of senior man power.

Krishnan S.:

He is a veteran Software Professional with over 35 years of experience with the like of PCS. Currently he is a sought after IT Consultant. In his free time he teaches Sanskrit and tries to uphold Indianness.

Who Can Benefit?

MBAs who want to start up business.

Business owners who want to train their children in business.

Business owners who want to prepare their wives to be the second line in business.

Professional wanting promotions.

Graduates looking at getting better jobs.

Professionals working close to owners, promoters, senior management.

Youngsters wanting to start business or learn management.

People with less percentages struggling to get admission in management colleges.