Are You a Doctorpreneur?

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I still remember that in my childhood, we had just one doctor in the
street. The doctor was kind and obviously he had a big queue in his dispensary most of the times. We just had one hospital which was some 10kms in our nearest town. The hospital was again not that great equipped to handle complex cases. So, our doctor was highly respected for his great service and he earned a great living since, there was no potential threat of any order.

Today, when I am back at my hometown, I could witness a plethora of
changes. Other than those SUV’s, modern attires etc., the thing that really caught my attention was the number of private clinics and multi-specialty hospitals that was lined up in the street! All are functioning in a very patient-centric manner. The result has been that, people have got lots of options for quality treatment. The other side is that, doctors literally have to buck up to attract more patients just like, any two shops may compete.

The market has changed and is changing each moment and therefore,
just as any other service provider in the market, doctors also need to get their armours out and be an entrepreneur in first place. This would be easy and challenging both at the same time! Easy because, the care a doctor imparts on his/her patients would help in retaining them which is the most critical thing in any business as well. The role play of being an entrepreneur would be challenging because, then one need to develop people skills, be aware of accounting practices, possess leadership qualities etc. which are not natural to doctors.

Thus the only way to survive in this highly competitive world for any
doctor (budding or experienced) is to be a ‘Doctorpreneur’. A
Doctorpreneur is a doctor with an entrepreneurial mindset. Following
are some of the points which would help you to be a successful

1. Develop people skills: This is the single-most critical lesson to be
learned in management. There would be many people reporting to you – some may be skilled and some may not be highly skilled. Effective communication would be the mantra to get the tasks done in the right manner.

2. Develop an Organisational Structure: Any successful
organization will have a robust structure which takes care of
accountability. Without a structure, people will be comfortable passing
the buck.

3. Standardize the Processes: Right from the time a patient enters
your clinic/hospital to the time he leaves, all the processes needs to be streamlined. Everyone in the organization, right from the CEO to the attendant must be aware of the process and should be practiced appropriately.

4. Build a brand for yourself: A doctor carries the privilege to be
known by their name more often than any other profession – it is
because of the personal touch they bring into their profession. Thus,
building a brand for oneself would help in attracting more clients by
being more known within and outside the city.

5. Hire a Business Mentor: Although, it is not impossible to develop
the above skill sets, the journey would definitely be more rewarding if you have a mentor who understands business to the core. This helps you in concentrating on your strengths and the mentor will take off your load by strategizing your business.


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