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From time immemorial, we have been following, adoring, and even adulating sportsmen, national leaders, business tycoons and even the great kings and queens. We have been influenced by them mainly by their personalities but, often overlook the fact that even they have a defined role in the team and how important it is for them as well as the team to play that role neatly and with ownership in order to get the desired result.

The moment an individual raises above the team or institution, the latter will collapse! One maybe an exceptional talent but, when working in a team environment knowing the role and doing justice to that role becomes critical.

One good example to convey this lesson will be through the initial part of the career of the cycling legend Lance Amstrong who has been an inspiration for people across the world.  However, more than cycling, it was his mindset to battle cancer that made him a Hero!

Lance has been a raw talent. He has been a born fighter. His strength had been his speed. He loves accelerating. He enjoys the adrenaline rush- pushing oneself beyond the limit. However, when representing a club in one of his initial cycling championships, he outplayed his role in the team’s strategy by speeding early and kept speeding even in the climb inspite of the coach’s insistence to slow down. The result was, Lance got exhausted by the time his opponents had started to accelerate thereby, losing the championship. This was inspite of having a champion cycler Lance Amstrong in the team.

If one observes, Lance played to his strengths but, the timing was terribly wrong.  But, a severe mistake was that thought of he being bigger than the team. He wanted to pull off the championship all alone thereby, disregarding the team on the agreed upon team strategy. If Lance had played to the strategy, the outcome would have been different with his club winning the championship.

Thus, putting one’s personality above the team or the institution would end up in a terrible failure not just for the individual but, for the team as a whole.

Lance obviously learned from that mistake and went on to win record 7 championships for US. More than his immaculate talent, it was his complete awareness of his role in his team that brought the glory for him and his team. It has been his alignment to the ultimate objective – to Win!

At IIEMT, we coach people to put team above themselves and at the same time, playing to their strengths. Courses are being taught by entrepreneurs for whom the company had always been their baby.



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