Economic survival strategies for Employees &

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Economic development is the backbone for “social mobility” – for one
and all. You will also agree education is an important contributor to
economic development [note: Social mobility is the movement of
individuals or groups in social position over time.]

But most people in society are deprived of that education which teaches
them economic survival, life skills and growth strategies.

Survival needs from an ordinary livelihood, a job or maintaining an
existing business is becoming difficult, since the rules of survival are
changing by the day.

An ATM introduced in a bank means there is no need for a cashier. Over
60% of air tickets are being booked online. So are a large no of railway
tickets. Websites give out information. So there is no need  for a public
relations officer. They handle complaints too. A lot of jobs are getting
programmed into software’s due to which jobs are getting re-designed or reduced. Jobs are becoming contracts. This means a lot of additional
skills (not taught in our current education system ) will have to be learnt
by employees for economic survival and growth.

A hand held device or mobile is doing multiple businesses now killing so
many businesses -
Mobiles have killed the landline, SMS killed the pager business, Email
killed the post / courier business, Cameras in phones have killed the
digital camera, E-books killing the conventional publishing business,
Video Conferencing affecting the hotel business, Clocks in mobiles have
killed the clock industry, E maps have killed the paper maps, MP3
downloads have killed the CD / music industry, Money transfer, which
till now was the domain of banks. Like this, so many other businesses are
facing challenges, due to which businessmen have a bigger risk.

Even governments have not been spared. From America to Greece to
Japan, there is economic turmoil. Governments are coming out of lot
many businesses they were engaged in and asking entrepreneurs to take
over, keeping themselves only areas like defence, health, law & order,
infrastructure etc.

No one can stop technological changes, however we need to learn how
to deal with these new realties. The challenge - all these changes happen
silently and one day it comes with a BANG !! Overnight it changes the
rules of the game…. which many of us are not in a position to handle.

Apart from the technological & economic challenges, a bigger social
challenge lies untouched. If the current generation does not wake up to
these realities, we will not equip our children enough, to face tomorrow’s
realities which will be still tougher. Only if we learn survival now, can we
guide our children tomorrow.

While all these changes are happening, our education system in not
gearing up enough to equip ourselves with the necessary skills and
mindset to respond to these changes.

Is it not time we started looking education beyond academics?

IIEMT, is making a pioneering effort to address these requirements so
that we help you face any situation in an ever changing world and you do
not have to fear about your economic survival. We intend to give you
real life experience and move towards problem solving not the classical
classroom theories. Lessons will be given by real time entrepreneurs
who are fighting real life battles.

Come, let’s ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of India…

Suresh Nair,
Core Team, Entre-Professor,

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Who Can Benefit?

MBAs who want to start up business.

Business owners who want to train their children in business.

Business owners who want to prepare their wives to be the second line in business.

Professional wanting promotions.

Graduates looking at getting better jobs.

Professionals working close to owners, promoters, senior management.

Youngsters wanting to start business or learn management.

People with less percentages struggling to get admission in management colleges.

All Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Professionals who are less than 3 years into business.