Everything that glitters is not Gold

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Everything that glitters is not gold !

This is an age old saying.
Nothing is more true in the education sector today.

Looking at the way the sector is shaping up, God bless the children and
their parents – it is becoming more complicated than choosing between the various telecom service offers.

Yesterday a fresh graduate, his father happens to be my friend,
approached me with this dilemma.
Every other person in the market place is screaming out loud like a sabzi mandi…more the resources they have
- More the Noise
- More the Glitter
- More the Flashy claims

Right from simple vocational courses to management specializations to entrepreneurship courses – everyone is trying to say everything he possibly can to woo the children.

And the most funniest thing is, of the 10 students I talk to , at least 8 of them are pretty aware of the show being put up by the people– but are helpless – because it is their parents who have been mesmerized.

Parents think it is like going to a shop and buying a branded dress – they force the children to choose the louder vendors – louder the better, feel the parents.

Worse still, some of the parents want to push their children into these
louder ones just as a matter of status so that they can go around saying my child goes to so and so place.

My friend’s son was under his parents’ tremendous pressure to take up a course with one such loud and flashy place and he himself was quite sure that it was not worth it.

I just asked him plainly “ Are you looking for knowledge, or just a
He promptly said “Knowledge”

I asked him “have to you seen 3-idiots?”
He said “yes”

I said “Then go where you think you can get true knowledge-and be
assured of a bright future. Because in the years to come, it is going to be knowledge that will decide the best

Further look for people who can help you develop the right skill-set and right mindset to apply the knowledge.

To the parents, all I have to mention is that I understand where you
come from – you want a safe, secure and comfortable life for your children.

But believe me the world ahead is going to be a knowledge world.
Encourage you children to seek knowledge and right skill-set and mindset to apply the knowledge.

That will make them not just safe and comfortable but will help them
lead India to Super Powerdom.

May God Bless!

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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