Friendship - The Hidden Mantra To Business Success!

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On this friend ship day, I would like to offer this article as a token of gratitude to all my friends and friends of my brethren entrepreneurs.

I still remember a statement on friendship:

A friend is one who reminds you your dream long after you have forgotten it.

If one thing, we entrepreneurs cherish are our friends.  History is flooded with friends who have stood by an entrepreneur in his early days of struggle. Friends support in different ways as shown below.

Financial Support: Friends provide the much needed financial support in the early stages of a business venture. And they are the ones I have looked up to first, for the subsequent stages of funding. I have seen friends give lakhs of rupees to my friend entrepreneurs absolutely interest free for as long as 5-6 years.

I have seen enough entrepreneurs, who have lived through on their girlfriend’s money. Then that is a different story.

Technical Support: I know quite a few business friends who totally depend on their friend’s expertise to deliver the services that they are going about pitching in the market. There are have been times when I wondered is that risk or suicide.

Resources: I have met at few extremely successful businessmen (couple of them sold their businesses for 400 cr plus) who started off from the kitchens of their friends in US. They would travel to US, stay with their friends, use his resources, his car, their contacts – get business and then deliver it from India. These were IT ventures.

Partnerships: Then there are celebrated friendship stories, where some of them where in US working and funding their venture in India.

PR support: If a friend will not promote you who will ? is a question that is common in business circles. Friends are you best PR agents. They will know where to cover you and where to edify you. Ofcourse, it is your responsibility to feed them with proper information.

Great Critics: Friends probably are your best critics. They can call a spade a spade. But the very next moment they will know how to cover up for you if you are in front of your client.

Moral Support: But I think, the biggest contribution that a friend does for an entrepreneur is the moral support he provides in those dark nights when despite all the sincere efforts the results are not coming through and the entrepreneur is going through self-doubt. In such times, you can only turn to a real friend. For real friends, we say

You don’t have to explain, if he is your real friend
No explanation is worthwhile, if he is not your real friend.

But what if I don’t have such a friend – asks my fellow entrepreneur, as I pen down this article.

Hmm…I told him, everyone has a friend…the most permanent and stable one….just have to befriend him. HIS friend request is already waiting for you…

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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