Going beyond B-Schools

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Shubangi Mishra completed her MBA from a tier-1 B-School in India. She got offer letter from an investment bank, offering her a big pay cheque.

She was assigned a client worth Rs 50cr. 1 Year later, Shubangi was fired
as she inflicted a severe loss to the client.
She joined a retail company as a financial manager. 1.5 years later, she
was given the pink slip since she was not able to cope up with the market demand.

A recent study by a business magazine shows that, only 21 % of the MBA
pass-outs are employable; which mean 79% are unemployable. This is when India has a proliferation of B-Schools.

What is the main cause of this challenge? B- Schools mainly have 80% of
all teaching staff who are academicians and 20% of business people. This mean that a subject investment planning is being taught by a professor who himself has not done any real-time investment planning.

There is a difference between what books offer and what the ground
realities are! What you do when you are drowning; will you recollect
swimming lessons taught in the classroom! This is exactly why most of
the graduate students churned out of India are unemployable.

Today's youth are energetic and passionate. They are full of life. But,
energy in the wrong direction will lead to an accident which can be fatal.
Are B-Schools providing these lessons? These lessons cannot be just
read out loud in a classroom. The one who teaches this must have
experienced it. Just preaching is Utopian; preaching something practical
& on job intensive training on ground realities is where learning can

There are fresh MBA graduates who give up after trying a business for 10
days/15 days. They want to be the next Google and Facebook but, it
should happen in 1 day! They lack the mindset of a fighting
entrepreneur! Can B-Schools provide students with this entrepreneurial

Sehwag is a hard-hitting batsman. But, when the wickets are down and
India is trailing by a big margin, he cannot afford to keep playing big shots. This requires business maturity - an ability to see the bigger picture. Most of the executives miss this bigger picture. Most B-Schools fail to impart this business maturity & mindset that each individual needs to think like the entrepreneur.

For teaching all the above qualities call for a structure that is more
flexible and industry-driven.  Learn as you Do rather than doing as you learned!

For India to churn out employable management grads, it  would demand
grooming them to ground realities rather than textbook facts. This will make them more business mature to make them see the bigger picture!

At IIEMT, we have real-life entrepreneurs who teach real-life business
lessons coming out of 150 years of combined consulting experience in varied verticals. At IIEMT, we impart business maturity which will save 3 years of life.

It is time to go beyond B-Schools.


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