How To Get The Best Out Of Your People?

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People management remains one of ‘The Most’ critical skills required for
any management professional. People are unique and diverse at the same time. Every employee likes to be valued and respected for his job and all have varied reasons for accepting/rejecting a job profile. A recent survey has shown that, unlike in the last few decades wherein employees were mainly after fat pay checks; today they are looking further than pay checks from a job. At the same time, attrition rate in India Inc has risen sharply and employee retention in such a complex and dynamic environment has become increasingly critical for any organisation.

Following are some ways by which a manager can get the best of people and retain the best:

Talent Management – The underlying principle is that, every
employee has a native intelligence and some core skills. A good manager must be able to identify the same and optimize the same for the bigger good of the organization. Employees must be able to see a clear growth path within the organization and also understand how the value she will create in the organization will be in alignment with the vision of the organization.

Cultivating a Productive Work Culture – A highly productive
work environment will be the one wherein employees learn from each other and respect each other for their contribution and value-addition in the organization. Delegation plays a critical role because, by doing so, a manager even though good at a task will be delegating it to her direct reports thereby allowing them to grow within an organization. 

Allow making mistakes – ‘Nothing great has ever been learnt without
making mistakes’. Learning is a continuous process. Instead of dictating the ‘How to do’ for a task; it will be a great learning experience for an employee if she is allowed to try out her own ways of doing the task. Let her present the result! If she did not accomplish the objective of the task then, most of the time, they know it by themselves and will also have appropriate solutions for the same. 

Being a Good Listener – Listening hard is management virtue. Every
employee admires if her boss is a good listener. It assures them that their views are paid heed to. During team meetings or brain-storming sessions, allow every member to speak. There is often a tendency during critical meetings that, the decision-maker just listens to few members because, she expects least from others. In such scenarios, the employee starts feeling dejected which eventually may affect her productivity.

Being a Personal and Professional Mentor – Employees lookup to
their immediate supervisors for inspiration and guidance. Being their personal and professional mentor will allow them to connect to you more easily. This would mainly allow you an opportunity to align them to the bigger objectives of the organisation. A good communication platform will open them up to share their concerns; and will also make them an active contributor in team meetings.


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