How rightly are you placed?

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Mandar completed his BSc in IT and got placed at a top MNC through campus recruitment. Mandar is good in programming and has adored gaming. He used both of these skills in his final year project and developed a mobile game. His game drew great appreciation from teachers and students alike.

By the time he passed out, he already had 3 job offers, all of them in top MNCs. One of his teachers asked him to take up a career in game design and development because, he had an interest and some prerequisite skills. Also, his passion may possibly take him further.

But, like any other graduate- he suppressed his interest and went on to take the position of a trainee in testing domain because that was available at that time at a top MNC.

Two and a half years passed by and he changed his job for a better pay. His recent company is again an MNC.

Here again after a year, he got a leadership position. At the same time, he got an offer from a credit company which offered him a better pay.

Again he consulted his teacher and his teacher asked him to stick to his second job since, a leadership position would take him in a different scale.

But, he went for his third job. He was happy initially since, he had a better pay.

But, after two years, he is again disturbed since, he feels there is nothing exciting left. Unfortunately, he can't quit his job because, he has taken a home loan and the EMIs have influenced his risk appetite. So, he keeps doing a job for the sake.

Mandar turns 40, he has a wife and 2 kids. One Sunday evening, he meets his teacher. They talk on various things and then, Mandar conveys that life is no longer any exciting for him. How, everyday seems mundane. Change of job again does not help anymore because, although job roles sounds great but, job responsibilities are very much the same.

His teacher then took him to his college days where he was filled with energy and always innovative. He asks Mandar to recollect how his final year project was innovative and well received.

Teacher asks him three Q's which everybody should ask themselves,

1. What you want from life?

2. Are you doing enough each day for realizing what you want from your life, your dream?

3. Do you want to be yourself and accept and respect your talents or, do you want to imitate someone who you never can be and follow the herdů.!

At IIEMT, we understand that each one is unique and has a set of strengths and weaknesses. We have entre-professors who with their expertise, will direct you & empower you to make the right choice regarding you career, job then place you in the right position by feeding the right degree of practical knowledge. We have courses like intrapreneurship course, which help you to realise your entrepreneurial spirit in you within a job environment.


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