Recognition - The Biggest Addiction

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Over these years have been part of various associations and events-
business and social.

One pattern that stands out is - Recognition Addiction - as I
call it.

Many believe drinking, smoking, drugs and so and so forth are the main
addictions in this world. I would beg to differ.

I think thirst for recognition is the meanest addictions - and
the worst part is, it is extremely widespread and appears in
different forms.

It makes people do things ,that they would have been ashamed of having done, when they sit alone and contemplate.

Most organisations-public, private, NGOs, social, business - fail in
delivering what they started out to do, primarily because of this subtle cold war for recognition that rules the matters in that entity. And it is so subtle that it is difficult to differentiate between people who have done good work, people who show they have done good wok and people who have done no work.

And with the advent of social media forums where your actual
participation in an event is judged by the no of photos you have uploaded and the no of likes you have got, you will find these sites flooded with photos of people who just go about taking snaps and building perception and hence recognition. The real doers hardly get the time to pose for photographs.

I have personally witnessed events where people walk into the event
towards the last 15 minutes take some snaps and walk off. But next day and in the years to come you will feel as if they are the ones who hosted the event:-) strange but true.

This is prevalent in our families, it is there in your schools, colleges, it is there at you work place besides all the associations and organisation I pointed to earlier.

Somebody asked isnít it more dangerous than all these
corruption issue ?

My answer is absolutely yes...deep down if you see all corruption and all vices one or the other way will have their roots in some need for recognition not met somewhere.

While need for recognition is a basic trait for human beings, what makes overdrive for recognition so deadly is it is silent and spread everywhere. It is slowly but surely eroding the fabric of our societies.

Is there a way to eradicate this problem ?

At best you can curb it. No talk on leadership and leadership through
serving can completely eradicate it in the current form of the society
where the more visible you are the more successful people
consider you to be
. In fact the very people who are trying to train
people on leadership and independence are a victim of the Recognition

I guess we need better and newer parameters to define what exactly is success. This new framework may have to be inculcated into the
children at a very early age and hopefully we will have a newer
generation that is less addicted and more serious about
finishing the work at hand professionally and clinically.

One foolproof way, I am told, to eradicate this problem is to realize that
whatever I am and whatever I am doing is just happening through
. I am but a mere means.

So let's wish more people develop the mere-means-mindset and may
recognition-addiction get eradicated from the society.

God Bless.

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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