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Abninav Kumar has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years. Life has always been a smooth sailing with no major hurdles. He is currently a senior manager for Delivery and Outsourcing. He has a home at Kandivili bought for 80 lacs. He has 2 school going kids. His parents also stay with him.

The last couple of weeks had been a testing period for Abhinav with the
company planning to roll out the project and outsource it to a third party on a contractual basis as a cost-cutting measure. This has been the result of the severe slowdown that has affected India with the Euro already in deep crisis. For better margins, most of the companies have no choice but, to cut costs wherever possible. Human resource being the major cost overhead contributing more than 50 % of the total cost of the project; naturally company would try to cut cost herein.

The project was finally outsourced to a mid-term company on a
contractual basis. Abhinav, inspite of being a performer was shown the door. The point to be seriously observed is that, this happens to be a trend and this is happening big time in all parts of the world. Any company can achieve a substantial margin if the dependence on the human resources can be kept to minimal.

So a time has come wherein there are contractual agreements all the
way. The projects are outsourced to entrepreneurs who would do these projects at an optimal cost. Automation of many business processes and areas like, Analytics are giving better insights, better results to a company at a lesser cost.

The conclusion is that, 25 years from now- all have to aspire to be an

IIEMT has foreseen this trend and therefore, is committed to create the
entrepreneurs of tomorrow. At IIEMT, real-life entrepreneurs have conceptualized, designed and deliver courses which will teach you raw business. So, entrepreneurs create entrepreneurs at IIEMT; which will save 3 years of your life.

Come, let us ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of India.


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