Peace of Mind: How do you get This Peace of Mind? (Part 2)

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For some reason the concept of Peace of Mind has been an elusive one.

I think a better way to look at it is what is it that causes disturbance in the mind ? Anything that is not in tune with your self – in alignment with your self – right ?

Just like misaligned wheels of a car cause lot of traction causing the engines to work hard, internal misalignments is the root cause of lack of peace of mind.

Now comes the most misleading part…so many, particularly the youngsters,  the ones society terms as rebels, think if they live life the way they feel like, they will get peace of mind !!!

Do they ??? then the number of depression cases and suicides and divorces and physical abuse cases should come down right ?

Have they ?

And here is the catch…when you are told that you need to align to yourself, many forget to establish who they really are ?

Let’s understand these using the following thoughts…

A child who grows up in an urban place with luxury cars takes it for granted that it is natural to have a luxury car. So his definition of himself is based on this background. That’s why that rich lady in titanic asks isn’t there a first-class life-boat.

A guy who has been brought up in a home with a regular car feels a car at home is normal. Though he feels a big car is a luxury.

Yet there is another guy who was brought up in a house that only has bi-cycle. He feels cycle is normal and cars are a luxury.

Similarly, a guy who has been brought up in a house without any other mode of transport, feels public transport is the best mode of transport. He would even argue that it is the cheapest.

Let’s try and replace this car point, with knowledge…

Depending on the levels of knowledge they possess, each one believes who they are.

In short,

Depending on

1.       Knowledge

2.       Exposure

3.       Financial background in upbringing

4.       Cultural background in upbringing

5.       Family background in upbringing

He or she, defines the world…his world and then he decides to then live the way they like in that world…


And that is where search for Peace of Mind has to start…WHO AM I ?

Read books, listen o tapes, watch videos – see how they are trying to define who they think they really are and why…

Whether you should accept what they say or not is a different matter…slowly your truth will start surfacing itself…

YOU can even sit, relax and keep asking yourself WHO AM I – if you do it daily – I can assure you that in a matter of days you will get clarifications on some your questions…

Once you have identified who you really are, then

1. you have to align your THOUGHTS  to  who you really are

2. you have to ensure that your WORDS are in alignment with your thoughts

3. and finally you have to ensure that your actions are in alignment with your thoughts and words…

The day you are able to remain aligned thus consistently for a period – you will start experiencing the difference…

YOU will start experiencing everlasting Peace of MIND.

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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