These are strange times...

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When every where people want to wage a fight against corruption.
Everyone wants transparency, justice, honesty, sincerity.

But how many want this genuinely?

Dialogues like:

-Be practical.
-Such kind of support who gives in today’s world.
-Who will take care of the other stuff.
-Sorry boss, that much trust I can’t invest.
-who will sacrifice so much.

are so common, that all of us have more or less begun to believe that is
the way to be…

But then, we have enough to brag

-when it comes to talk of orphanages
-when to comes to protecting environment and going green
-when it comes to how the old are treated

Why ? that makes us look good in the eyes of the people around…

What is this – isn’t it the real corruption – isn’t it the obvious corruption
–the manifestation of the mindset of the society.

But I am here to tell you, genuineness still exits… may be it is not loud…

I am here to tell you…there is still hope...

Yes, today people exist who can mortgage their house to pay their new
friend money for his child’s education

Yes, today we have bahus  who can take care of their deranged mother-
in-law, for 20 years even after her husband dies.

Yes, today there are people who take as many people under their wings
as possible…

Yes, today there are sons who can stay back at home for months putting
aside their priorities to look after their ailing mother

Yes, today there are business partners who can give this son the
freedom to take care of his mother…

Yes, today there are businessmen who can take all the pounding from the market and don’t allow the flak to reach the partners…

Yes, today there are people who can bet all their assets on their partner’s

Y es, today there are businessmen who want to look after their
employees as children…

Yes today there are people who want to make their wives more
successful entrepreneurs…

Yes today there are people who spent hours and hours coaching their
juniors and colleagues, helping them to get over their silly behavioral

Yes there are people, who have moved their entire businesses to places,
so that they can take care of their nieces and nephews…

Yes, there are people,  who cry when they see other people suffer…

Yes, there are such people, who can take everything that comes at them
lovingly and ever smilingly

And we at IIEMT celebrate them…

and if you really want to stand for truth, you need to have courage  to stand up and face the challenges that come with it. You might not be awarded for such effort but you will have laid the foundation of a much healthier future society which is full in its real sense…

Because as Gandhiji said, if you want the world to be a better place, you have to begin from yourself and your home…

In fact these people were always there, they form the foundation, the core fabric of this otherwise flamboyant society…it is just that we end up talking about the towers - who has time to spare a thought for the foundation.

But I want to ask you this ?

In what kind of an environment, you want your children grow up…dog eat dog environment…or one  of love and  compassion…

Believe me the world somewhere has already started changing for good…

For my practical, intelligent folk out there, it is no longer about IQ, it is about EQ and SQ from here on…

May god bless…

Sashi Menon,
Chief Mentor, IIEMT.

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