Varghese Kurien:Father of White Revoluton, The Milkman of India - A True Intrapreneur!

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Varghese Kurien could have been the Gates or a Jobs of India but, his commitment to the country was so strong that, today any organization across any industry would be proud to have an employee like Kurien.

Kurien has been an intrapreneur -  a professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has boldly shown how a vision fuelled by ownership and passion can lead a society from ashes to richness. After taking  the reins of the diary co-operative society at Anand, he has transformed not just the society but, the entire diary farmers in Anand. Today, the society is producing 90 lacs litres of milk everyday, which is the highest in the world.

Another amazing quality which every intrapreneur should develop is the ability to share the vision with co-workers and juniors and showing them the path to reach success. Kurien was able to network hundreds and thousands of diary farmers in Gujarat and Mumbai thereby, forming one of the largest such network in India. This not only helped in fulfilling the vision but, in the process empowered all these diary farmers.

Kurien had all those qualities of an entrepreneur which made the most coveted intrapreneur the world has ever seen. Kurien with his impeccable stature of a leader having a definite Vision; single-handedly built a brand Amul, which every Indian in the generations to come will remember. This is something which so many companies across so many industries have been trying relentlessly with many having lost the turf!

Kurien used the brand Amul for political satires. This not only made Amul more visible in the country but, even more credible. Today, Amul is second to none in the diary industry in India.

At this time, although Kurien is no more with us; his Vision is already the Vision of many diary farmers across India. His life will continue to inspire generations to come.

IIEMT at this moment would pray for his soul to rest in peace.

Also, as a privilege we at IIEMT have taken the initiative to churn out more intrapreneurs like Kurien sir through our Intrapreneurship Programme.

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