Professional Management Courses

These courses are for all working and non-working people who have not had any formal training in management in general and business management in particular.

India is gearing up towards becoming a Superpower.

It needs more and more bright minds with managerial abilities. It requires people who can handle resources more effectively.

At IIEMT, through these 3-month and 1-year diploma courses the idea is to give you a peek at what is management a. What does it mean to have a macro view? What are the various soft skills that differentiate the best from the rest and how to master them ?

The idea here is to train on one particular aspect of business while still providing the all round , holistic view of business..

For the employed/job-seeking: This training series primarily aims to uncover the hidden potential in You and is rightly called The 4th Idiot Training Series

IIEMT's The 4th IDIOT Training Series 
Sr. No Training Program Name Description Duration and Schedule Remark
1 Executive Management Training Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset 13 week sessions
2 hours per week
2 one-on-one sessions (2 hrs each)
For Executives looking forward to taking up critical roles in the organisations 
2 Leadership Training Level I Basic Leadership Concepts  1 hr every alternate week for 3 months For getting a job/promotions
3 Leadership Training Level II Leadership Concepts for Middle Managers 1.5 hr every week for 11 weeks For getting promotions and growth 
4 Leadership Training Level III Leadership Concepts for Senior Managers and Business Heads 1.5 hr every week for 12 weeks For being at the top of the game inspite of volatile markets
5 Financial Training Level I Personal Finance 1 hr every alternate week for 3 months Getting a hang of Personal Finance Basics
6 Financial Training Level II Financial Planning 1 hr every alternate week for 3 months Being in control of your finances
7 Financial Training Level III Wealth and Legacy Management 1.5 hr every week for 11 weeks Creating and managing wealth systematically for the long term
8 Project Management Training Project Management Fundamentals 1.5 hr every week for 11 weeks To be effective as a result oriented person
9 Sales Training  Level I Basic Selling Skills 1 hr every week for 10 consecutive weeks To start your career in sales
10 Sales Training Level II Advanced Sales Training 1.5 hr every week for 11 weeks To remain at the top of the game in Sales

For Students:

The various courses available are:       

   -General Business Management
   -Marketing and Sales Management
   -Finance Management
   -HR Management

General Business Management
: In this course general business administration subjects will be covered with some special thought-provoking modules giving a holistic view of business for a junior to middle level executive

Marketing and Sales Management: This is probably the key to any business success. This course will cover various aspects of marketing and sales with various practical applications and their results.

Finance Management: Most businessmen struggle in this area. This course will enable the person to handle finance matter of a decent sized organisation with ease.

HR Management: Human resources is the key element of any organisation. In this course will be teaching various core HR processes and their practical applications is day-to-day business.

Note: All courses are private by choice. no affiliation or accreditation whatsoever

Professional Trainings


Executive Management Training

Leadership Training Level-I
Leadership Training Level-II
Leadership Training Level-III

Personal Finance Training Level-I
Personal Finance Training Level-II
Personal Finance Training Level-III

Sales Training Level-I
Sales Training Level-II

covering areas like:

Attitude * Time Management
* Personality Development * Money Management * Presentation Skills * Public Speaking* Delegation * Team Building * Decision Making * Business leadership skills * Business Networking * Conflict Resolution * Coaching and training skills
 * Stress Management * Sales Skills *  Planning * Interviewing Skills * Project Management

who should attend:

-Job seekers
-Serious sales professionals
-Professionals wanting Leadership positions
-Graduates looking at getting better jobs