Intrapreneurship Programme                                                       [FAQ]


Do you want to make it to that position in your career (without any buttering) where your bosses want to fight to get you in their team  ? Where your finances, career and future are as per your dreams ?

Then this course is for YOU.

It is for all those working professionals
- who intend to go up the corporate ladder
- who are already working close to the owners, promoters and senior management.
The idea is to develop macro business knowledge, skills and leadership abilities that will help the professionals relieve their bosses off a major part of their work-load  and in turn become the most indispensable and most coveted in the organisation paving their way to growth and glory.

They are called Intrapreneurs because they exhibit the same level of ownership and accountability as an entrepreneur while being an employee.

Superpower India needs more Intrapreneurs than ever before. Professionals who are  committed, sincere, skilled, capable, result-oriented with a vision and  and passion for execution across all the spectrums are the need of the hour.

It is an initiative to create a pool of such result-oriented managerial talent that will ensure that the middle and senior management gaps get bridged and results flow within planned time frames.

For that, we need people

- with a drive to soak up all the business and project management knowledge necessary to manage mission critical projects.
- who develop hands-on experience while learning
- who have good industry experts as mentors

So, what does the Intrapreneurship course cover?

Will it cover Planning? Yes.
Will it cover Project management ? Yes
Will it cover Sales and Marketing ? Yes.
Will it cover Branding? Yes.
Will it cover Delegation? Yes.
Will it cover Leadership? Yes.
Will it cover Customer service? Yes.

Now, will that make a good Intrapreneur ? Ofcourse NOT.

It also covers the basic fabric that ties all these together in the right way and much more.

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Some other questions that get asked often...

Will it mean lots of reading ? Ofcourse Not.
What happens after the course ? Does it end there ? Ofcourse NOT. On the contrary your Intrapreneurship Journey will start there.

We will provide 1-year Management Mentoring  package FREE after the course.

Is there an eligibility criteria ? Yes. An intense commitment (not just desire) to grow rich and famous ethically besides CMAT score of min 50.

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Note: All courses are private by choice. no affiliation or accreditation

Who Can Benefit?

MBAs who want to start up business.

Business owners who want to train their children in business.

Business owners who want to prepare their wives to be the second line in business.

Professional wanting promotions.

Graduates looking at getting better jobs.

Professionals working close to owners, promoters, senior management.

Youngsters wanting to start business or learn management.

People with less percentages struggling to get admission in management colleges.

All Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Professionals who are less than 3 years into business.