Wealth And Legacy Management Programme

This course is for all working and non-working people who have not had
any formal training in handling money, wealth and legacy.

Over these years, a few things we have noticed are:

1. People don't spent as much time managing money as they do making it.

2. Most people believe being rich and being wealthy mean the same.

3. Most people don't have legacy planning on  their agenda - for that
reason most are not sure what to pass on to their children and grand

This is not limited to just a remote villager, our experience is this is true for the celebrated IT professionals, NRIs, merchant navy guys, senior bankers, consultants, industry professionals and successful

Our Wealth and Legacy management course is aimed at giving   youngsters, professionals and senior citizens an holistic idea of

- management of their personal finances.

- creation and management of all types of assets.

- Passing on those assets in a secure and definite manner to your
children and grandchildren.

We encourage our candidates to involve their complete families in
various parts of the course.

Note: All courses are private by choice. no affiliation or accreditation whatsoever

Who Can Benefit?

MBAs who want to start up business.

Business owners who want to train their children in business.

Business owners who want to prepare their wives to be the second line in business.

Professional wanting promotions.

Graduates looking at getting better jobs.

Professionals working close to owners, promoters, senior management.

Youngsters wanting to start business or learn management.

People with less percentages struggling to get admission in management colleges.

All Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Professionals who are less than 3 years into business.