A Message From Our Chief Mentor

Dear Aspiring Indian,

"Proud to be an Entrepreneur. "

Come, let?s create more jobs,
Come, let?s celebrate entrepreneurship,
Come, let's create the right E-ecosystem (Entrepreneurial Ecosystem)
Come, lets create a society that respects entrepreneurs.

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  • Learn from the entrepreneurs and experts at IIEMT.

  • IIEMT can save 3 years of your precious life  by avoiding trial and error

  • IIEMT is the first E-school-going beyond B-schools focusing on entrepreneurial development - the transformational process inside-out

  • At IIEMT, it is by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

  • At IIEMT, Courses are designed and taught by real life entrepreneurs and consultants.

  • IIEMT provides grass-root Industry Internship.

  • IIEMT makes Opportunity Mine available.

  • IIEMT provides a Trusted Business Network through their existing network.

  • At IIEMT, Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting are available going forward.

  • At IIEMT, completion of course is only the beginning; 24*7 email/sms support and Free Mentoring for 1 year is available is available.

  • IIEMT also provides placement options for those who want to continue their corporate journey. Upload Your RESUME


 I am a FreeMan is an attempt to uncover the simple techniques of raising the bar without locking your time. It covers very deep concepts within its few pages and every time you read it, it will open up a new door for you. So, Do you want to EXCEL? Do you want to RAISE THE BAR?

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Corporate Solutions

IIEMT provides premium business solutions to corporates viz Performance Coaching, Corporate Training  and Employee Skill Training and Wellness Solutions.

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The Entrepreneurial Movement

What Experts Say

Listen to what the Industry has to say about our Institute. Their view of how this programme moulds the students to be better entrepreneurs and professionals.

What Participants Say

Listen to what the Participants have to say about their experience at IIEMT.
 What makes IIEMT different ? [Full Testimonials]

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  • Come, let's celebrate Entrepreneurship!
    Parents scorning, Wife ridiculing, In-laws advising, Children sneering, Friends deriding, Society taunting, Bankers scoffing, Governments overtaxing...

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  • These are strange times...
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