Sashi Menon

Sashi Menon
Business Strategist,
Serial Entrepreneur,
Motivational Speaker
Author, Spiritual Guide

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IIEMT Corporate Highlights

Promoted by an established Strategic Business Consulting & Financial Investment Group.

Have helped various businesses including family businesses grow over the years.

Strong core team with a combined business experience of over 150 years.

Good strong execution expertise.

Dedicated research team.

International Tie-ups.

Highly networked.

Our Chief Mentor

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" ONENESS  is the secret of my success "

Sashi Menon is a noted Business Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, an  intense Motivational Speaker, a different kind of an Author and a calm and serene Spiritual Guide. Mission - Touching Lives.

As a professional:

He is an ex-Citigroup consultant who has successfully completed projects worth 100 crore + (20 million USD). He has handled multimillion $ global projects in Information Technology in Japan, Iceland, Dubai, Kuwait, Korea, Srilanka, Mauritius.

He is currently regarded as a business strategist ? the kind to whom you go for guaranteed results. He has helped numerous businesses grow exponentially in relatively lesser time through his principle of Definite growth through alignment.

He has worked with and got directly trained under some of the leading consultants from US, UK and India. He has collaborated with some of the leading brand consultants, adverstising agencies and PR consultants of India.

He is trained in Spiritual Sciences, Pranic Healing techniques, breathing techniques and visualisation techniques and enjoys making a difference to businesses with the creative use of these techniques.

He has been invited by the Department of Social Welfare and Justice, Maharashtra Government, India to support the entrepreneurial drive across Maharashtra

He has been invited by the Economic Development wing of the AGA Khan Community to support the entrepreneurial drive in their community across India.

He is an internationally acclaimed business networker. Ex Asst. director, of Business Network International India, Andheri (East) Region - He is the only BNI-director who has over 100 businessmen as members under his guidance. BNI is the world?s largest and most successful business referral organization He has created a chapter/club that is ranked among the top 20 chapters in the world amongst 5000 chapters spanning across 42 countries. He is the man behind Business Genies and BizAngels 2 of the top 5 leading chapters/clubs in India.

He has  been responsible for architecting and developing the first distributed computing solution for overseas recruitment allowing people from the remotest of Indian villages get employment abroad.

He is credited with having conceived, architected and developed some of the early day Integrated ERP systems in India at the beginning of the century including Hospital and Clinic Management Systems, School and College Management Systems with e-learning modules, Hotel Management Systems, Marketing and Sales Management Systems, HR Management Systems, Work-flow and Quality Management Systems and Single-window Management Information Systems besides various statistical and data management tools.

He has played  a vital role in architecting banking and e-banking solutions of different scales and devising IT and security policies for various banks.

He has worked with various stalwarts in Homoeopathy and helped developed the most unique, research-based, holistic homoeopathic software system in the world, organon '96

His Mission, - he says is  ?Touching Lives?

He helps businesses grow through alignment. He consults, coaches and mentors various manufacturers, infrastructure companies, builders, logistic companies, architects, doctors, hotel owners across India.

He has conceptualised and founded IIEMT, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology, an initiative to nurture entrepreneurship and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of India.

e-schools : Going beyond B-Schools

He conducts various intense life transforming workshops.

As a person:

He is a person of depth. A person who operates from the core and who likes to get to the core of anything.

He believes that purpose and vision in life can get anyone across this journey of life in style. He has conceptualized and created interesting discussion forums, where businessmen and non-businessmen can alike share their vision and purpose in life, and someone out there in the world could get hope and enlightenment from that.

He has authored an instant wisdom capsule on raising the bar called ?I am a Free Man?.
He is also conversant with sun signs, face reading, palmistry, handwriting analysis, vaastu, feng-shui, astrology. Ghazals may well be termed as his weakness.

He spends most of his free time trying to get a grasp of the scriptures and through that Truth. He believes that unconditional, total freedom is the ultimate expression of TRUTH.

All in all, he believes ONENESS is his key to success.

Who Can Benefit?

MBAs who want to start up business.

Business owners who want to train their children in business.

Business owners who want to prepare their wives to be the second line in business.

Professional wanting promotions.

Graduates looking at getting better jobs.

Professionals working close to owners, promoters, senior management.

Youngsters wanting to start business or learn management.

People with less percentages struggling to get admission in management colleges.