Publications at IIEMT follow the core philosophy of being straight,
forthright and useful in real life than just being literary in nature. It respects the intelligence and maturity of its readers besides valuing their time.

So all publication, including those that are in the pipeline, are being planned as 20-minute wisdom capsules. One capsule a quarter is only recommended.

As a tribute to the great teachers of all times, the first publication of IIEMT, Guru-Teacher, is  printed and distributed freely.

Please get your free copy of Guru-Teacher by sending a simple request.

List of Publications:

1. I'm a FreeMan

 I am a FreeMan is an attempt to uncover the simple techniques of raising the bar without locking your time. It covers very deep concepts within its few pages and every time you read it it, it will open up a new door for you.

 It is presented in the form a 20-minute Wisdom capsule (a revolutionary concept of book writing pioneered by our Chief Mentor) to cater to the modern fast paced life where people do not have enough time to read through multitudes of pages.

 Typically it takes 3 readings before the flow starts sinking in. It will take another 3 readings before you will be able to consider implementing it. Excellence is a journey, and this book will start you off on the right foot.

So, Do you want want to EXCEL ? Do you want to RAISE THE BAR ?

2. Guru-Teacher: A tribute to all our teachers

Come,let's humbly pay our deep respects to all our teachers!

"Guru Govind Dou Khade,Kake Lagu Paye"
"Balihari Guru Apke Gocind Diyo Milaye"

This means that in case both God and Guru are standing , who's feet will
you touch first? It has to be Guru only because without you would have never been able to recognize God.

Please download a free copy of Guru-Teacher compilation from our
scriptures published as a tribute to all our dear teachers.

3. It's OK
4. Business Handbook

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